$BCRX $SRNE $GILD $SNY $BAYRY Hydroxychloroquine? No! Remdesivir? No! Doxycyline? No! Existing stockpiles are way too valuable for post-exposure prophylaxis of anthrax, which is FAR more dangerous to human health than COVID-19. And, doxy is most likely not an effective treatment against COVID-19 anyways. STI-1499? No! There are still numerous trials and studies that need to be conducted before this antibody is even considered. Acyclovir? Perhaps, but its benefits for treating COVID-19 are likely limited at best. Galidesivir? It's the best hope we have for a potential treatment option against COVID-19 going into the summer and fall, pending clinical trial results from ongoing treatment of COVID-19-positive patients in Brazil. It will be ready way before a vaccine too! $BCRX I'm bullish and loaded! If you're not buying, you'll be crying!
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