$O Amazon entering the pharmacy space will have minimal impact on brick and mortar stores like Walgreens etc. Why .? Many reasons ... It’s not just about getting your drugs . It’s about getting health questions answered. Mail order drugs has been declining ...it’s been around for years . Amazon will take years to develop and gain traction. Amazon doesn’t have pricing power here. Most Amazon prime members aren’t age 55 plus ..the ones buying the drugs. The whole Amazon entering the pharmacy business has been known for a long time .. and stocks falling on the news 2 days ago .. huge overreactions. Theaters like AMC possibly going bankrupt.... this is definitely a concern ..but it’s already priced in . Realty Income is just fine .. Vaccines right around the corner ... Yes virus is devastating in short term ...again, vaccines right around the corner . Great dividend , great diversified portfolio this company has ... and accumulates more and more properties every year..
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