$SPY $BA again, for the second time, I have no position in Boeing nor hav I ever. The point is you are profiting off the back of American taxpayers via a socialist “esc” corporate bailout. Investing in an American corporation that artificially inflates its share price, net worth/assets through stock buy backs, in turn burning through all their liquidity. Liquidity that will get them through and exact time like this without relying on the average America taxpayer who can barely support themselves and families as it is. They should chapter, be bought for pennies on the dollar, rebranded, and move forward under a new model and hopefully succeed with many of the same employees. That’s free market, that’s capitalism, that’s America! What’s going on here is socialism and is disgusting. What’s even more disgusting is profiting off of it knowing where the money is coming from. It’s un American, you are un American.
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