$TTCF The irony here (for me) is that I was so worried that Forum wouldn’t be able to get them to the finish line, especially after the hiccups. When in reality it was TC’s management plan that I should have been worried about. I have little doubt they will clean it up in time but where will the sentiment be when that day comes? How many longs will scale down or out? How many other companies (large or small) attack this space by hitting the ground running? You have to stay ahead of the curve in this game. Numbers are great and will no doubt attract investors in time but you have to have a story. You have to build a brand that people want to be a part of and that includes a hell of a lot more than just making food that tastes good within a trending sector. Without that brand the demand decays and the sales eventually fall. They become “every other” frozen food company. The numbers become not so investable anymore. Sarah is the story. She needs to become the story.
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