$MDR My friends, if this news is true, we may open at $1.20 tomorrow. This is exactly what we have been waiting for: NO BK!!! The whole reason why the bond interest payment was not done in time and why all those bk experts were hired was to renegotiate with the bond holders, and that’s EXACTLY what has been done here! There will be lots of buying tomorrow (hope you have already done this), in addition to a lot of short covering (those who cover first are the smart ones). The buying alone should take this up to $1.20. With the smart shorts covering, we should easily see 1.50. Depending on how many shorts cover, we may see price action that is beyond our imagination; perhaps $2-3 will come sooner than we thought, which will then be followed by $6-7. If the short covering gets to crazy levels, we may see some crazy price action, but in that case I would likely sell, because the fair value here is likely only about $8-9 this year.
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