$SRNE With that good DD today on sam.gov/SAM/ I think we may be right on track even with the lack of transparency from ST.. The lack of PR should be reassuring this is not a pump then dump.(hence no inside sales) All of the I's are getting dotted and T's are being crossed. This (imo) is the meaning Ji had in the interview. This will crush anyone short when news breaks. Gov funding with any FDA aproval and fast track on STI-1499 or Abivertinib SP will be unreal from current levels. For my sanity and my calls I hope its before next friday!!!
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@fakowee I still remember May vividly..144 5 calls I bought for 2500 bucks in April turned into over 100k on the day of exp..damn near had a heart attack..only screenshot I got because I was in complete disarray
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