this ain’t just imagination, ie, after the positive Bridge readings on 10/18 in Canada when the share price was 80c....bam after hours we get a early reverse split notice . It’s my belief they did that to keep notes from converting.
@PLX_BULLS @Cash_Flow @RisingPhoenix @LeonaSbrave @Social_Idiot I tend not to believe in such machinations as they tend to not work out (to quote jeeves from the books "too many imponderables")... its just too hard to do the damn job the right way let alone think you mastered it to the point where you can throw the game in some way to create images and manipulate... too scary what can happen if the image of what it is varies too far from the actual way it is.. including hostile takeovers.. just look at what muddy waters is doing .. NMC's shares have fallen more than 70% since hedge fund Muddy Waters issued a critical report in December. [snip] After Muddy Water's critical assessment was publicly disseminated, along with the news that the hedge fund had taken a short position in the shares, the shares have plunged more than 70%, forcing major shareholders to sell stock to cover margin calls.
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