$CAPR I see people are still talking about placebo controlled trial. I'll post this for the last time here. Per CEO, as of June 16, they had treated 20 additional patients via Expanded Access program (which was updated on May 27, but the actual update was submitted to clinicaltrials on May 22. clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/hist... This updated protocol had new inclusion/exclusion criteria, so its results will be analyzed separately from the original 6+Nick as some of these 6 patients+Nick were in more critical conditions compared to 20 patients). => different patient population CEO clearly says it in this video. They also said it on their April 29 PR. irdirect.net/prviewer/relea... So, data from these 20 patients will be submitted or might have been submitted to FDA in order to get the approval for placebo controlled trial. youtube.com/watch?v=qhFxmOG...
@DoctorInvestor45 @PTInvestments as doctor, can you only prescribe CAP 1002 to patients with Cytokines storm or with severe cases which is less in numbers than the ones that have mild to moderate cases of CV and many don’t even get hospitalized? (If and when fda gives approval). That’s my issue here. this med seems more designed for people with severe cases and practically in ventilator or in ICU vs patients with mild symotoms, no? Would be nice if we can target all positive covid patients-mild to severe..
@jimmy18000 @DoctorInvestor45 If FDA gives EUA, it'll be for patients who meet the inclusion criteria. Read part 3, it's very specific. It should prevent them from getting to a point where they'd meet the exclusion criteria (i.e. prevent them from progressing into more critical conditions). We'll have to wait and see the results of placebo controlled trial with details.