$AMC Came across this old chestnut from January.... "AMC Theatres Shares Just Plunged More Than 50%. What’s Next for Stocks Roiled by Reddit?" variety.com/2021/film/news/... Remember to pause and think where you've come from and the shit you went through to get there. Remember your doubts, the times you wanted to and DID say FUQ it! But look where you are now. Even if you bought the top with 100 shares at $72.72 you're down a lousy $3700 ..that's it. But remember, YOU'RE THE ONE who managed to scrape together the $7272 in THEIR system and look at the shit THEY put you through to make that happen. $3700 gets you what...a nice trip to the Gulf with planes, hotels and bars of the stocks they own so they can keep milking you every year?????? SO FUQ THEM! THEY'RE THE ONES WHO ARE LOSING THIS WAR - NOT ME. THEY STILLNEED TO COVER - NOT ME. THEY ARE PAYING THE INTEREST AND FEES - NOT ME.