$PROG PROG has the potential to run 400% – 1000%. This is why: 1. All signs on green for a buyout 2. If not a buyout at once, then PROG will be sold in three different parts: a. Preecludia to Illumina or Penumbra b. Avero maybe to Roche c. The most interesting part of the business (Oral Bio and Gastro Health) to Pfizer or Abbvie 3. Besides a buyout or spliting of the company, PROG has a fantastic pipeline: a. Soon: Preecludia data in a top tier journal b. Soon: Partnership Preecludia c. Game changer: OBDS capsule d. Game changer: PIL Dx My advice: *To new investors: it’s absolutely not to late to load up. *To long-time investors: buy some extra to average down. We’re in an uptrend. *To short: better to cover as soon as possible before it’s all too late.