$MNKD Shares outstanding today...232.6M According to Walterpayton In June 2014 shares outstanding was 394M and the high of the day was $57.40 which gives us a market cap of about $22B? This sounds really high but if it is correct then to reach a market cap of $22B were looking at a share price of about $94 a share no? Seeing how Mannkind has finally figured out dosing which shows through its effectiveness with users AND seeing the real possibilities that their Technosphere platform can have with multiple drug companies does a $20B market cap really seem impossible? I know Magic Mike and his team are pretty slow, but ya never know maybe this team can pull a rabbit out of their rears and officially put us on the “Big Boy” map! Heck I’ll be happy with a 10B market cap...🤠 Glta
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