$NRXP All, I've been following this almost since the beginning. Started with $RLFTF and BRPA, then moved my majority of holdings onto NRXP because I figured that's a better bet, and have been buying so many dips averaging now at 12.5$. I've seen the stock release updates which makes us feel like EUA is imminent, and then it jumps 15-20% and then bleeds 1-2% per day for as long as EUA doesn't come. Then 15% up and 1% down per day... Up and then slowly down to lower than it was. Until we got a sudden drop with the lawsuit and reached new lows! Then today we got our new PR that doesn't say much (in my opinion) and we jump again. The difference this time is that it wasn't our typical 15% jump but rather 55%. What do you think is coming next? Any idea why it jumped so much?? I cannot imagine that it was this PR.