$INO @FloridaTrader352 Yes have seen this bull$&!t?? investorplace.com/2020/07/l...... Straight from article: "clinical trials for INO-4800 haven’t been as deep and aren’t nearly as far along as the trials for mRNA or remdeisivir. FACT: INO has expanded phase 1 to over 100 and waiting on peer review with phase 2/3 scheduled to start soon after. "The results forINO-480 announced three weeks ago pertained to tests on just 40 adults. That’s too small a sample size to glean any indication as to how the vaccine will perform as Inovio moves to Phase 2 and Phase 3 trials later this summer." FACT: See above & MRNA 3 cohorts 45 participants/NVAX 130 in phase 1/2 and not complete yet. INO phase 1 complete. "If INO-4800 doesn’t prove to be helpful in the fight against Covid-19, investors will repudiate INO stock." FACT: See above & DUH! None others with peer review. Writer has not done the homework and leaves out a lot of info. I love our chances here.
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