$INO Please respond in writing with valuable feedback or input rather than just likes. I don't mean bears with ridiculous doom and gloom BS because INO results actually mean a lot to many of us. Here is my thinking and please try to poke holes in the thought process. Trump/meadows have mentioned great news to come from 4 others companies this week and others entering Phase 3. Moderna - already announced phase 3 and plenty of funding JNJ/Janssen - plenty of funding and just announced phase 3 NVAX - In phase 1 and 1.6 billion announced AZN/Oxford - already announced results and plenty of funding Pfizer/BNT -moving to phase 3 and got big ass order from Gov't. What companies are left with progress that can qualify for phase 3? Who has not announced funding? Who is left major progress to announce? Vaxart - Not even in phase 1 yet and only preclinical data Inovio - complete phase 1 with 100+ subject pending peer review report and primed for phase 3 Who else is there?
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