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      Vik A
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      I monitor scanners for up-trending nano to mid-cap stocks. I research the catalyst while looking at charts and see where has the stock price been. I normally buy in and sell on the run up but will hold if I see potential. Do your own DD please!
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      Sniper Trader
      20 year of trading experience.....and survived I will be wrong, but humble in defeat. This is a game of probabilities not certainties. Let the evidence, volume, price action, and charts point the way. With a stop and plan always.
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      Jake Wujastyk Official Account
      Posts are for education and expressing my opinions, NEVER financial advice for buying or selling a security. Subscription service coming October 1st! Message for information about 6 week course and $35/hr Skype sessions! $15 Detailed Chart Requests!
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      All Smiles
      Quick learning investor/trader. All my post are opinion based and should not be taken as investment advice. Let's make some $$ together.
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      Salman Aziz
      I scan for stocks that are on the verge of a breakout. My objective is to achieve 8 to 10% gains per stock in 5 days or less. Follow me at #wetryharder. Join our alert service at Faisamtrader, click on the link below:
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      Venky Srinivasan
      Technical trader focusing on Swing and Momentum Trades. Opinions or trades here at Stocktwits or in my blog are my own. No affiliation to any organization. Disclaimer: No recommendations/ideas. Trade at your own discretion.
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      Freedom Rocks!
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      Jennifer Strickland
      Set new standards for investing in country music in Naples, FL. Developed several new methods for licensing basketballs in the financial sector. Day trading and momentum investing.
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      JFinDallas Official Account
      HF, portfolio management, financial markets, IPOs & business strategy. I have lots of ideas, sometimes they work out... Opinions are my own and ≠ my employer. No investment advice/solicitation.
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      Options Guru, Algo/Script Testing
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      Jack Reigle
      Professional strategist and author. Unprofessional at virtually everything else.
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      Raoul Duke
      Trading since 1986. Former stockbroker, derivatives quant, hedge fund founder, analyst, PM. Loser. Winner.
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      A Raja
      Paramedic, Nerd, Dedicated researcher of biotech companies. Position Trader. The harder you work, the luckier you will become. Disclaimer: I am not a registered advisor so please always do your own DD. Enjoy life!
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      Livevol Community
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      Derald Muniz Official Account
      Public and private equity investor for over 20 years.