$PENN I want to preface this by saying long term I am very very bullish. However right now this is WAY over extended. The barstool book won’t be around until quarter 3. So you miss out on the vast majority of hoops if not all depending. Yes they will open with limited capacity but what’s the likely hood of them being fully capped out at whatever level they are allowed to be? Not very likely unemployment will be in the high double figures for a long time especially if politicians don’t go the route of partisanship. I think on a growth scale very long term this is one of the best plays in the market. But price action wise I’m just beyond shocked at the run up it’s had in these market conditions would not shock me what so ever if we saw a big dip in price down towards the 25 range. But this market is very irrational so good luck to anyone who may be long.