$PHIL Mrdiptastik (at least 3 accounts on this site) is a proven liar, manipulator and creep. He want's to call out djk0689 for his speculation on various things just to attack him. Here's the difference between the two. djk researches a ton on this ticker, shares what he finds, including paying for reports that he passes on to us. He evaluates the info and speculates about what it could mean. He's not always correct and has no fear of admitting he was wrong if he was off on something. He's here because he's an investor, is excited about what this company is doing and believes they will ultimately succeed. Mrdiptsatik is here to spread FUD. He only attacks. He flat out lies about much of what he posts. He takes half truths and trys to spin them into the most negative view on any topic he can. He misquotes, takes things out of context. He refuses to admit when he's wrong, he just makes excuses, deflects or moves on to the next subject when he gets called out. That's reality.