$LK $SBUX wow this is a bot .. same twit earlier version under another account .. Chinese pumping LK for Americans degenerate gamblers
So I am new here at $LK . Entered this morning at 2.15 and I’m currently just doing DD. So far this is my understanding of the situation : • Viewed as the Chinese equivalent of $SBUX • Has been delisted since April due to accounting fraud for exaggerating Q4 sales 2019 by $310M • Just started trading again this morning • Might get delisted and go to OTC because of that (Nasdaq is concerned) • They are requesting a hearing to appeal and the process takes about 35-45 days (I will be bullish for at least a month then) • They are facing a lot of bad PR but the upside seems to be that foot traffic allegedly hasn’t suffered much from the turn of events (I guess people still want their coffee) • The company went from being valued at 12.7B to now 731.5M ➡️ That’s a lot to work with. Will have to watch this closely I think it’s safe for now but there is no telling for how long 🤔 Will look for more info and see . GL
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