$GHSI At this point the right move strategically is to take on long-term debt to fund their international and multi-product expansion along with growing CSV-2000 sales. This will give investors faith and allow the stock to grow organically. We must consider they are not profitable, and therefore are not paying taxes on profits. If they plan on making a profit in the near future, taking on long-term debt will reduce their tax liability, the board knows this. The company currently has just over 600k in debt. What does this tell us? This tells us they are worried about defaulting because they haven't executed on their sales targets up to this point. It's not saying they won't, but for the person who is new to the world of finance and investing, just know you are investing in a company who has not proven they can execute. It offers an opportunity for huge rewards, but also puts your money at risk. I am in long, but know the risks and therefore will remain patient.
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