$SRNE So now people will get fixated with what I heard is short float shares rising to 60M? Comparing it to early last year? Biotechs are a strange breed. There always tend to be more then a couple of biotech companies in the top shorted stocks category. Here’s the thing folks, it only take 1 approved drug or EUA with govt contract for the SP to double, triple, etc… especially at these levels. Most small biotechs only have 1 chance at a moonshot. Let’s see what SRNE has? 1. Socazolimab China approval extremely likely Jan / Feb 2. SP102 full readout Jan / Feb. SPAC Feb - April. Approval 4th quarter. All of these events will separately move the SP. 3. Abivertinib BO / partnership can happen at anytime. Abivertinib (NSCLC) approval 4th quarter or 1st quarter 2023. 4. MSC / Covidrop EUAs and govt contracts? Should we see either then look out! Most likely MSC EUA from Brazil.