$TORC These huge volume days mean float is getting eaten up by patient, institutional money. We’ll see pauses and minor pullbacks along the way, but I expect this diminishing float to push us higher. And when positive news come, even 13Ds, the “squeeze” effect will be accelerated. But all of this is a bit moot given this stock belongs in the $2-3 range in the near-term. Throw in a reverse merger in the next 6 months with a good P2 or P3 drug and we’re at a minimum headed north of $5. And then there’s the Madrigal scenario to the moon (our CEO’s last RM deal). Don’t forget his background is business development—finding the next deal is exactly what he does and don’t forget he owns ~2 million shares).I think we likely have the Board, CEO and activists all rowing in the same direction! The only rub maybe be activists who want cash returned now vs. a RM. The other rub may be timing (waiting for Parkinson’s data vs. doing a RM deal now).
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