$RCL $CCL $NCLH "The cruises will be sailing in may, they just check if you have coronavirus before you board and that's it" Do those people realize that the whole point of a cruise is to VISIT MULTIPLE COUNTRIES AND cities IN 1 OR 2 WEEKS? You may board a 100% healthy cruise in Miami, but guess what, that cruise is gonna visit 7 countries in the next few days, and you could get sick in any of those places, or someone on the boat could get sick and then pass it on to you... That is the future of this industry, my friends, and let me say that i love cruises and i would love to buy their stocks at these prices and go long, but the truth is that probably the next cruise won't sail until 2021. I am not saying that these companies are going bankrupt, all i'm saying is that the future is very uncertain, and seeing as Carnival for example is up 15% today makes you wonder how can people be so blind and dumb. Good luck to everybody holding these stocks, you're gonna need it.
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