$NNDM they just raised $30+ Million at a $2 per share valuation. the floor is set. theyre not going to raise another round below that and kneecap themselves. theyre a new company with a new product that has already been adopted by L3Harris and the US military. It has a strategic board member from Lockheed Martin. Theyve only been operating commercially for 2 years and had a poor business plan prior to the new ceo coming on board. sell if you want but im gonna stick it out at least 1 or 2 more quarters.
@Honcho87 You said that yesterday when I said to call Flex if they are manufacturing the 3D machines. Guess what I read. That nano d does their manufacturing in house now for the printers. And you were 100 percent on the ink. We revenue is realized by the company and ultimately reflected in the stock price