@Lyn444 Appreciate your thoughts on KMPH.. "'KMPH’ PDUFA GONE WILD$ .PDUFA DATE ONLY 5 MONTHS OUT, WITH MAJOR CATALYSTS COMING SOON! This will be the newest major improvement in the ADHD world since VYVANSE($2.5B/Yr ). KemPharm entered into an agreement with GPC for: Up to a Total of $493 Million in milestone in addition to mid 20% royalties. GPC is a power house in the pharma world: gurnetpointcapital.com/heri... GPC's sub co CORIUM will handle the commercialization of the new drug - the same team that "was at Shire" lead by Perry Sternberg who commercialized VYVANSE: coriumintl.com/home/about-u... FDA has completed the Mid-Cycle review for KP415 NDA AND the final MEETING MAY NOT BE NEEDED investors.kempharm.com/news... For the intense DD types, a 2 1/2 hour presentation by 3 of the WORLD ADHD EXPERTS TELLS ALL: transcriptshare.com/s/kmph/... And transcriptshare.com/s/kmph/... KemPharm Issues Letter to Shareholders: globenewswire.com/news-rele... THE "NEW SHIRE" IN THE ADHD WORLD - right now at $50 MC"
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