@Jvs8864 @ItsEasyMmmKayy lol. Hope this is coming. They think they make community a favor. Yes, I agree but they will be the one take service fee when people swap token use shibaswap. I don’t spread FUD but have the right to speak my concern as a holder. All mod on their don’t even know what is going on. They act like robot hit “band” and automatically consider people as FUD when they concern ab timeline. One of the thing piss me off is they never admit they miss deadline and say it is ontime for white paper is good. What is the different between release white paper now and till the last minute of April unless they release it together with shiba swap. It make me concern do they really have white paper as they speak. They passed 1st and 2nd audit - why not put it in public who performed those 2 first audit. Why everything is secret. Lot off people piss off through twister comment as well.
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