šŸŒ„ watchlist āœ… $NURO up 4% after hours, closed 21.70, see next post for details āœ… $OBLG up 23% after hours, on no apparent news, closed 3.57, recently announced $12.4m direct offering, closed June 30th āœ… $EYES up 25% after hours, closed 5.43, shares traded higher after granted European patent number EP2839858 titled "Field focusing and mapping in an electrode array".' Recent offering price at .50 close on June 25 āœ… SQBG up 29% after hours, closed 13.48, no apparent news to justify the price action, low-float stock. Company recently received non compliance from Nasdaq due to late 10-Q filing, company has until June 26 to submit plan to regain compliance āœ… $CLOV up 4% after hours, closed 9.37, A Form 4 Filing late Tuesday showed the company's COO acquired 220,820 shares. Recently announced CFO is expecting to leave the company on August 13 āœ… $MRIN up 30% today, closed at 10.50, Q2 earnings is scheduled for Friday, July 30 after market, conference at 5pm EST Have a good night šŸ˜“