I find it so weird how $ETH.X some random cryptocurrencies are trading with larget market caps than actual income producing publicly traded stocks. Its obvious at this point that people are just buying them to flip at a profit, and eventually the bubble will pop when the hype fades away. $SHIB.X started it, but really less than 10% of the cryptos are actually worth what they trade at. This bubble is also be fueled by 0% interest rates. There is too much money in the system and people are just straight up gambling now. The german stock market was behaving this same way before they had hyper inflation and the whole economy collapsed because people realized the money was just being printed non-stop. Just remember to invest in USEFUL cryptocurrencies that will be adapted and used. If your in it for the pump by all means go for it. I made bank on $GALA.X. Now I am INVESTING in $SAND.X and will not sell.