$INO “The Delta strain, and the havoc it has wreaked across Australia, shows we cannot allow COVID to run rampant and mutate overseas. Why didn't they speak up for Inovio's dna vaccine INO-4800 4802? The answer is clear ! “Just 2 per cent of people in low income countries have received the first dose of a COVID vaccine. “But with a concerted, realistic global push we can vaccinate nine in 10 people across the world by the end of next year.” Current coronavirus vaccines could be rendered ineffective in about a year if the world takes too long to vaccinate poorer countries, according to a new report. The report, A Shot of Hope - Australia’s role in vaccinating the World, notes that two-thirds of 77 epidemiologists surveyed in 28 developing countries believe that if action is not taken now, the virus will mutate in less than a year. The report stressed the pandemic “isn’t over for anyone until it is over for everyone”.