$VERB Shareholders in VERB please take note, The trading in VERB's shares is alarming and smacks of manipulation, that is similar to a scheme that the SEC brought an enforcement (SEC vs LEK in 2018). The SEC has illustrated momentum ignition (illegal market manipulation) as follows: “With this strategy, the proprietary firm may initiate a series of orders and trades (along with perhaps spreading false rumors in the marketplace) in an attempt to ignite a rapid price move either up or down. For example, the trader may intend that the rapid submission and cancellation of many orders, along with the execution of some trades, will ‘spoof’ the algorithms of other traders into action and cause them to buy (sell) more aggressively.” I also believe that the warrants are being used as a hedge to effectuate a trading scheme as well. Way too much to explain. Listen to Conference Call Monday, 5:30EST!