$NLLSF Yes making hydrogen from electricity is wasteful and inefficient. Yes fuel cell cars are in principle, a stupid technology. Sorry but it is. But we have to figure out a way to store green energy and we have to find a way to feed the power of hydrogen to steel mills etc. The trick is an overproduction of green energy, dropping the price per unit to such a ridiculous level that this becomes a viable way of making hydrogen. The external cost is now for future generations, we basically just steal from them by using fossil fuel. Let's just pay here an now and be done with it. There's only one way to make green hydrogen and that's with NEL. There's only one way to make green ammonia for ocean going vessels and that's with hydrogen. Oh well.. I hope i can plunge more money into this stock before it takes off further. There will be a point where i won't be willing to risk the investment any further because you never how environmental policies and the economy change. For now a great buy.