$AMTD AMTD could just sell 0,5% of the 97% total outstanding shares we own from HKD and make more than a billion dollars. AMTD could also just sell 0,25% and make more than half a billion dollars. HKD did unspeakable things that I’ve never seen before and we will profit from it big.
@Sukmeov @GSDTRADER I’m not saying we sell it all. For perspective: We could sell 0,1% of the outstanding shares and it’d be worth $200,255,000 $200,255,000 pulled out of our ass. If we sell just 0,5% of our shares we’d gain more than a billion dollars ($101,275,000) Or 0,25% and make half a billion. We don’t need to sell a lot, to make a lot after the shit HKD has done for us.
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