$SPY this is why we pump gap up. Market has all this information already and it dropped from 416 to 381 I think 🤔 market already priced in 100bps but it will be 75 so we rally
$SPY just because we got oversold a bit because of the Fed sell off, idiots buying calls and think We will rip, 🤣 when you wake up Monday and see 380 and lower, you would believe how we are in a bear market and get back to the downtrend reality and recession. Rallies gonna be unexpected coming forward. ofcourse I would love a rally. But technically everbody loaded up last fake rally and got their asses fucked after CPI. 330 coming or at least 350, September is a horrible month for stocks. Wont be surprised if we stop another 5% this week on SPY. Enjoy the heavy bags bulls!
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