$CLF If oil ran from $72 to $150, and BP fell, I'm buying BP, unless there's conflicting data. Why would I sell here? There's a disconnect, which equals opportunity. Steel futures rose and we were taken to the woodshed. If you honestly think I'm about to dump my fwd p/e of 2.5 full-loop sustainable company that will be debt free next year, because a bunch of guys in Manhattan decided to fuck with us on little volume, while failing to hit futures, in the face of next week's catalysts, you're wrong, especially while our product rises in value and demand. We did 47m of volume in the last two trading sessions. Wake up. That's nothing. On Friday, after we report, we will see 50m by noon. This wasn't a mass wash where we saw 100m shares trade down in a day. Charts were broken, but adjust for volume. Have patience, and enjoy the coming week. Thesis is unbroken. Not selling 'I'm smart, not like everyone says' youtube.com/watch?v=vYabrQr...