$LOTZ @SicilianBull I just finished my studies on it brother. I have both good and bad news. You’re correct. Large orders did leave. Looks like it was tutes and whales. Honestly, the whales weren’t here to invest long term. They wanted to flip pennies. Market took a shit, and the new whales left after $LOTZ didn’t run the way they wanted. That’s the bad news. The good news, is that retail traders are still extremely bullish on $LOTZ despite the tough performance in the market today. I attached the flow just from today. Nothing but major sweep and block orders brother. I see a huge order that costed 146k. Order size was 1,834 of the 12.5 strike calls for July 16th. That’s not too bad. Pretty strong conviction. I think we’ll be okay bro. I haven’t seen any major Put flow since May 10th. 😂 The real Bears aren’t fighting anymore. These StockTwits bears are just broke bitches. They aren’t even on my radar.