$AMC About ten years ago I had a garage sale at my house. It was a beautiful spring day and many people showed up at 6 am. The first guy that showed up noticed a barely used gas generator and asked if it were for sale. I told him I was planning on moving out of state and would consider an offer on it. He said he would take it off my hands because it would cost me more to move it than to sell it to him. I told him I would accept a reasonable offer. He then offered me $1 and said it probably won’t start and needed a lot of work. He said he was doing me a favor because it weighed 150lbs and would cost $100 for a mover to move it. I told him I thought it was worth $150, because I had originally paid $500 for it. He continued to argue with me and I told him to leave. So I recently had another yard sale a week after a tornado ripped through town. Same guy shows up and offers me $150 for my generator. I told him a storm is coming and I’m holding on to it. Hodl tight because a storm is coming!