$IZEA hello friends old and new. I’ve been quiet for a while because this is my ”set it and forget it” ticker. But I’ve been reading here and there. So here’s my thoughts... Izea has a B2B enterprise business model, meaning most or all of there business is from other businesses. IzeaX, Brandgraph and managed campaigns are where the money is coming from as of now. That is where I have placed my investment, not necessarily in shake. I like shake and if it does take off great that’s better for all of us. But this is izea’s first real dabble in direct to consumer services, so it will most likely take time to become competitive with other platforms. Shake makes great business sense, but I think it’s real power is that marketing managers can use shake+brandgraph+izeax to gain unprecedented data and insight on how a campaign is going, and make adjustments accordingly on who they choose. And with shake giving access to the general public it is an additional revenue stream. still holding 😎
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