$GNUS I made a call to my Broker today to find out if my GNUS stock shares were settled... I am one of the lucky ones. All of my GNUS stock shares that I have in my account have settled. So, I actually own GNUS stock, I got lucky. There are a lot of people that paid for this stock and have a "Leger Marker" in their account showing that the stock is accredited to the account, but not there. You people that think you have this stock, need to call your broker and see if the stock is actually in your account.
@jerryq873 I looked into "GNUS" and I believe in the Company. I am hardly down on this stock at all, just a few dollars, that's because I have been trading it. But, the way I have heard people talking in here, some people are down $1,000's of dollars on the stock. More than likely they are young novice, inexperienced investors that haven't really learned how to Trade stocks yet.. To make a long story short, somebody needed to do something... So, I volunteered, remember, "not all hero's wear capes"..lol,lol