$ATOS What to expect tomorrow, now that SSR ( Short Sale Rule) was triggered . Strictly No Short Selling Tomorrow ! * Without short-selling , even regular investors like us can bring the price up over $7 With New long term investors buying * Day traders not selling end of day because of a short squeeze or gamma being triggered , they will make a lot lot more if they wait next week and they wont be able to buy in as cheap anymore so they will also hold * Paperhands , New investors will not panic as price will be stable and go up because there ate no short sellers so they will hold even buy * Whales, Institutional investors , retails and deep pocket individual investors will buy massive shares knowing a gamma squeeze is happening. * Long term investors will be so happy post gamma squeeze because the price of our stock will be on the high side and will not revert back to the low price prior to the gamma squeeze ( As seen on other stocks that went through an epic squeeze)