$EPD companies suck.... ever hear of HIPAA laws?? UPDATE: 'I felt violated.' This man says he was fired for 'gross insubordination' for refusing to reveal his mother's COVID-19 diagnosis Today 3:56 PM ET (MarketWatch) Share Print By Andrew Keshner Christopher Wells told MarketWatch, 'I felt I didn't have a fair shot at securing my job' Christopher Wells believes his employer didn't have any business seeing his mother's COVID-19 test results. Now he's out of a job and suing his prior company, alleging wrongful termination. In a case highlighting thorny issues on medical privacy and public health during the coronavirus outbreak, Wells filed a lawsuit earlier this month alleging Enterprise Rent-A-Car went too far by asking him to relay results about his mother's coronavirus test. "I felt violated and I felt I didn't have a fair shot at securing my job," Wells, 28, said in an interview. The Virginia Beach man's Norfolk Circuit Court lawsuit is seeking $450,000 in damages.