$EVFM final thoughts 1) 440m sales USA at just 2x revnue multiple (most co. at 5x) means $16 stock price (EPS better measuere but we don't have handy) 2) First non hormonal and first major new contraceptive in 30 years 3) works to prevent some STD's as well 4) They have another product in pipeline that passed phase (2b I think) 5) Launch not till sept but they doing the geeky stuff u millennials do list spam social networks etc. Big push near Valentines day too LOL 6) probably makes a good lube too! no side effects except burning sensation 10% that goes away usually after a 'few' uses however many that is..... well do horizontal mambo more and u all set Note chart my red lines were all the people saying "it wont stay over 8, gotta sell" or short..... well 3 strikes you are out!
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