One more rant and then I am signing off and wish all of my US brethren a safe and happy memorial day weekend. BIG thanks to all those that have served and to the families who have lost loved ones overseas. $MSFT textbook patterns..... has been like that for a week now, every day the setups are clear as day.... do not mind my sloppy ass screenshot from my phone, but you get the idea. As far as share price goes, way undervalued IMHO. I realize it has the largest market cap out there, but it is worth more than its going for, even by morningstar's FVE, and still have not reached pre-corona price. Does anyone HONESTLY think Microsoft is coming out of this worth less than it was before the virus? If anything they have solidified their worth in my mind and in the dawn of the new social distance/work from home era, they will THRIVE. 200+ EOY easily, once everyone pulls their heads out of their asses and decide to crawl out from their safe spaces and put their cash back in the markets.
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