@ManMythMavin I love some of the things you said here. I agree wholeheartedly. For Reference, I picked up 12.5 calls at 1.40 (I am not patient and I suck at waiting so this might be a bit expensive. Here's why I bought these. - With these being in Oct I think there is real potential for a 5X trade here. I could be wrong... There's no reason that in the next 6 months this couldn't be trading in the 18 dollar range. The next level up on the Fib retracement is 18.80. - You can see on the daily chart the movement was a confirmed squeeze pattern and then it had hit the top bollinger and the top trend line for the hour chart. It had to pull back the last week or so. But it confirmed the breakout again. - RSI is a bit high.... It has been doing well. But I think this is due to the lack of selling building up to the earnings. No reason to hold them very long, but I think that the October calls mitigated the risk of earnings not being great.