$MRNA $AZN $NVAX $PFE $INO Even though the mRNA technology is new to the drug market and has no drugs approved in the history of FDA. It is a game changer, supported by major institutions also some of the top notch doctors in the world including Dr. Fauci and The U.S Government ($2.5 Billion dollar invested with a potential to reach $7 billion with 400 million extra doses AND that is just one country). Pipeline and the timeline looks pretty awesome with 23 drugs in either preclinical development or Phase 1 and up. If you held this long just keep holding. It has just begun IMO. Good news coming soon. This is the best short squeeze of the decade so the big timers can hop on this spaceship before it rockets out to space. Looking forward to R&D day on Sept 17 and a detailed explanation of what is in the pipeline. modernatx.com/pipeline
@Pilgrim114 mRNA is absolutely revolutionary technology, game changing technology, if they can just get it to work. It's never been commercially successful. Success by any of the mRNA contenders will mean support for the others as well.