$CLSK So I've been seeing this Sabby guy on stocks all over the place, real POS. But, to try and understand this properly. It looks like this has been held down all week since the offering, what are people expecting tomorrow, seeing as the price point is hovering around $10.00 that makes me think that MM's are waiting for option expiration tomorrow to release the gates. I watched the day before options expire on NIO, didn't have the balls to buy one a day before expiration but seeing it jump from 500% to 7000% was interesting. I did 100% my account on nio options and now have a put or two. I currently have 2 $10 calls for Nov 20 on CLSK have been trading this since it was $3.00 taken a lot of profit out of this stock, love the potential. So MM's waiting to capitalize on massive options volatility tomorrow? Meaning we Gap up to $12 + from what it looks like on the charts.
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