$DSCR I'm actually the one who's been covering the Mm and short information the entire time. For those unsure of how many shares r actually short. See on the 19 last month estimated 4 billion shares still short. After posting this i began posting alot of dd and a strange mm type paid basher was coming at me got my account suspended. Same type of activity that happened before AABB squeeze. So I posted all over Twitter. Since then the same site even for that same day showed 1 billion or something and ever since then low numbers. Yet total short days and cover days remains zero. I know it was also 15 no cover days up to today. Short went from 500m to 1.9 billion yesterday. So thst was most of it. This morning on another site says there were only 1 million shares available to borrow. This mm has been shorting the long game mostly.