$EDSA You, AllPenniesNoDividends, are speaking to not worring about a reverse split. You stated, "Once a company starts reverse splitting, all bets are off they might continually do it " RESPONSE: You don't have to worry about a share consolidation until after the company issues hundreds of millions of shares, thereby diluting the ever loving snot out of shareholder positions. The lot of you here expect, without any logic supporting such a foolishe expectation, that this fack named Par et al., are not going to massively dilute your positions here; I do not share such a clearly unsupportable expectation on your part. Without ever increasing and massive amounts of EDSA share issuances going forward, which conceivably could very well be undertaken at much lower price points (i.e. less than cash value representative share price points), how do you expect Edesa Biotech to raise any much needed capital from the only willing "insider" participants over at Armistice?