$ATOS When ever I trade, I trade from the psychology of hedge funds. What is transpiring in ATOS is pretty spectacular and indicative of the games that hedge funds play. If you look at the image, ATOS had a gap to fill from a 1/12 RS that they did. The gap was filled (Gap fill 1) and then it got pumped. However some of these hedge funds missed out on the initial run so they ran it back down to fill the 2nd gap. That is why we hit a double bottom. Now the hedge funds that missed out initially are loading up for the previous run that they missed. The news and the catalysts, such as the COVID-19 HOPE program for $ATOS, will be used as the fire to get ATOS pumped back to 7 dollars if not more. And hedge funds do these type of tricks to many others stocks. Not just this one.
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@Playboi_Carti seriously, those In Vitro testing results caught my eye. Don't see how FDA wouldn't approve for human clinical trials. Def gonna grab a starter here in AH or tues 👍🏼
@TarekMorad It shoulda got pumped when the results came out! I was surprised as hell but now its clear IMO. Someone is holding this shit back cause they dont want to miss the run. And 9.76 was flashing on the tape a couple days ago. So I think we are going to be in the 8-10 range or something like that. I think this will be $CAPR 2.0