$NGA $SBE $THCB $GIK $BFT I usually don't talk about my portfolio because I find these guys bragging with their gains annoying as f*** but today I finally reached 200k. And it's kinda crazy because one year ago I didn't know ANYTHING about the stock market. I began reading about it just 10 months ago. It was back in May 2020. In April I didn't even know what the Dow Jones was or what market cap means. I mean can you even imagine? I had 80k back then. The reason I had that much money at my young age was tragic but that's an other story. I remember I lost focus on university began to read a LOT about the stock market and everything around it. And today I reached a point I couldn't even imagine one year ago. I'm not here to brag but to show you guys what's within the realms of possibility if you're passionate and focused and disciplined. I wanna thank all of you for what I've learned over months!
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