@Plopseven @Bu3ofQTR not for long anymore I think. I follow fibonacci6180 and he posted today charts showing major indexes being now simultaneously at critical resistance levels (SPY at fib 423.6, TSX at 161.8, CAC40 at 423.6) while Dax is close to (15400 being 261.8). In the same time Vix is at close to critical support and SVXY at critical resistance 161.8. The big picture seems to be "brace for impact"
@rmc1 Good luck my man. I can already feel April is going to be a wild month. Statistically looking back, SPY in March averages 0.46% returns and this year we had 4.0%, with 6.96% off the early month lows. A lot of people keep posting that April is historically good for the stock market, but it looks like the market priced in 10 Aprils already in March alone. How much leverage is floating around right now? This is wild.