$PHIL so the CEO dumped his shares today? Damn. Anyone who bought this in the last week will be bagholding for years. Told you all a few days ago. Down 40% since my post. This will go down another 25% tomorrow. DSCR and NWGC did the same things. What happened to all these “big ballers” in here? You can’t average up on a worthless stock with an SP of 0.005? That’s how poor you losers are? 😂😂😂
@So1haven hahahaha it can’t even break a PENNY now. How will it’s cheap fuck poor trash investors ever be able to get it higher? Maybe if there’s another stimulus check? I don’t get any stimulus check, but I’m sure every poor ass invested in PHIL qualifies for it. You idiots cant even HOLD a stock cheaper than a penny. Holy fuck.